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Logo of the School

The Crest of St. Anthony's Girls Sr. Sec. School is meant to upload the noble objective of true education.

THE HANDS are the hands of Jesus and that of St. Francis of Assisi the founder of the Franciscan order. This symbol shows the total surrender of St. Francis to God and His response to Francis by imprinting in his body the holy wounds of Jesus. This beckons every student of this school or orients all her educational endeavours to God keeping in mind her ultimate goal.

(School Logo)

DEUS MEUS ET OMNIA means "My God and My All" the highest proclamation of St.Francis'faith in God. This calls upon every student to accept the supremacy of God in their lives.

CFMSS means Clarist Franciscan Missionaries of the Most Blessed Sacrament ,the title of the order of the sisters who established and run St. Anthony's Girls Sr. Sec. School.


PORTO I MYSTERI means "I Carry the Mysteries" the motto of the sisters of the CFMSS. This motto speaks to every student of this school that they are the temple of God and this mystery they carry with them always.


THE CROSS is the symbol of victory over evil. It also symbolizes suffering that leads to glory. It encourages every student to face the difficulties of student life with confidence and fight against every evil that threatens her/him.


IHS means "Jesus-the Bread of Life", given to men to sustain their life during His earthly pilgrimage. This gives the message, to every student to become life promoting agent and to give oneself to others in service.


THE LEAVES symbolize the joy and prosperity that follow the person who is God oriented. It motivates every student of the school to pursue the path of truth, peace and justice that gives them joy and prosperity in life.


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